Hamam India: Breaking Stereotypes #GoSafeOutside

Ritwika Gupta, August 8, 2017

Moving beyond conventional soap ad formats, Hamam associates the brand with the traditional Indian martial art form breaking the stereotype that young girls cannot defend themselves. A brilliant ad, the narrative focuses less on the brand and more on women's safety in India.

For the longest time, Hamam has positioned itself as a soap brand that protects our skin and body against diseases. Hamam’s new #GoSafeOutside campaign, conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, is, however, all about being self-reliant. I like how the brand has gone beyond the conventional soap ad formats that fulfil a need – a need to prevent body odour, germs, make your skin shine and complexion better.

Here, the focus is not on the product or the ingredients or the scientific claims that come with it. Instead, the ad gives us a new insight to “safe skin” and addresses a relevant social issue of women’s safety in India. At the same time, the TVC breaks the stereotype that young girls cannot defend themselves. What is interesting is that although the brand has adopted a fresh approach to staying relevant, it has retained the certain core, age-old elements that we associate with the Indian soap brand – like the use of the traditional Indian martial art form – Silambam instead of other modern martial arts. Overall, the campaign has got a decent recall value and would surely resonate with many women, especially, mothers.