We Don’t See New Fevikwik Ads Every Day

Ritwika Gupta, November 22, 2017

Conceptualised by Ogilvy Mumbai, the new humourous 20-second spots highlight the versatility of the adhesive to fix broken objects and bonds.

Fevikwik’s two new ads promise to not only fix objects but also build relationships between family members. Picture this – a mother-in-law walking up to her daughter-in-law, offering her a glass of orange juice. Now, if we go by the stereotypical idea of the relationship, a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law are always at loggerheads. You will not usually expect one to pamper the other. The film pokes fun at this sticky relationship by placing them in an unexpected situation. The daughter-in-law is bewildered and just then, the ad goes into a flashback showing her fixing the mother-in-law’s broken bell using Fevikwik. The final voice-over kicks in, “Khushiyon ke chand pal, sirf 5 rupaiye mein”.

The second film is about a kid who requests his mother for more ‘karela’ during dinner. This surprises his mother because which kid likes ‘karela’ right? But the unexpected is happening! Once again, the film goes into a flashback where the mother is shown fixing the kids’s favourite toy car using Fevikwik.

In both films, a voice-over is heard in the background, – “Aisa roz roz nahi hota hai” and this clearly sums up the core idea. A kid insisting for “Karela” or a mother-in-law spoiling her daughter-in-law – these situations do not happen everyday. Inevitably, the viewers are intrigued. Although the ads are inspired from basic real life settings, they manage to maintain an element of surprise. Both ads use clichés to form unexpected circumstances and this is what makes the films humorous. At the same time, there is a high degree of relevance. Fevikwik projects itself as a brand that brings you a few moments of happiness and the message is cleverly conveyed. The campaign appeals to every woman in the household, whose contributions often go unnoticed and in an effective manner, the ads also show how common items, like toys and bells, can be fixed with the help of Fevikwik.

Just like other Fevikwik ads, these ones, too, retain the quirkiness and are highly entertaining.