Creative Picks | EP 168 | WHO, Burger King, & Puma

Madhuwanti Saha, March 23, 2020

Madhuwanti reviews marketing activations by WHO, Burger King and Puma

With the Coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organisation is taking all the steps to spread a word about the necessary practices including partnering with a popular Instagram influencer who goes by the name ‘dude with sign.’ Meanwhile, Burger King is back to trolling McDonald’s in Brazil. And, Puma introduces a virtual influencer in South East Asia for its latest line. These are the activations that caught Madhuwanti’s attention this week:

Marketing Activations Of The Week:

1. World Health Organisation
Partnership with Instagram & Dude With Sign

2. Burger King
‘Best Neighbor’
Agency: DAVID São Paulo / Madrid

3. Puma
Maya – First Virtual Influencer