Creative Picks | EP 164 | KFC, Folkoperan and One Minute Briefs

Madhuwanti Saha, March 9, 2020

This week's brands and agencies checks on paper wastage, pits broccoli against opera and imagines a world without nature through their marketing stunts

This week Madhuwanti reviews marketing activations by KFC, Swedish Opera House Folkoperan and One Minute Briefs. KFC in the Middle East converted its paper collateral including menus, placemats and receipts into eco-friendly tissue paper to keep a check on paper wastage. Meanwhile few borders away in Stockholm, Folkoperan guerilla marketed with broccoli inside subways to lure kids for their Neil Gaiman’s Coraline family opera. Last but not the least, One Minute Briefs made us imagine a world without nature with a user-generated campaign.

Marketing Activations Of The Week:

1. KFC
‘KFC Napkinized’

2. Folkoperan
‘Broccoli vs Opera’
Agency: McCann Stockholm

3. One Minute Briefs
‘A User-Generated Content Campaign for #WorldWildlifeDay’