Creative Picks | EP 163 | Facebook, Aviation Gin, Coca-Cola

Ritwika Gupta, March 9, 2020

Ritwika Gupta reviews ads by Facebook, Coca-Cola and Aviation Gin.

This week, Facebook launched its very first ad in India, themed around Holi titled – ‘More Together’. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola India released its latest spot featuring a sweaty Ranbir Kapoor flaunting his abs and sexily sipping off a glass bottle in the midst of painting a building. Globally, Aviation Gin decided to celebrate 84-year-old Arlene’s 21st birthday in their recent ad. Here’s the full review by Ritwika Gupta:

Ads of the week:

1. Facebook
Agency: Dentsu Taproot

2. Aviation Gin
Arlene’s Big Leap Year
Agency: Maximum Effort/160over90

3. Coca-Cola India
Turn up your day
Agency: McCann World Group