Creative Picks | EP 142 | Diesel, McDonald’s & Uber

Madhuwanti Saha, December 6, 2019

Madhuwanti takes a look at the marketing activations by Diesel, McDonald's and Uber

Diesel offers a complimentary condo in Miami with its white T-shirt priced at $370,000. (Don’t believe it? Check the video below) McDonald’s is now letting their fans in on to their cool stuff like a Happy Meal T-shirt, a French fries tote bag, courtesy their online shop. Closer home, NBA with Uber launches a four-part lyrical documentary that blends basketball and rap music by Kaambhari and Spitfire.

Marketing activations of the week

  1. Diesel
    ‘The Condo T-shirt$’
    Agency: Small

2. McDonald’s
‘Golden Arches Unlimited online store’

3. Uber
‘Hoop Nation’