Creative Picks | 9 November 2020 | Pond’s, Amazon, Birla White

Ritwika Gupta, November 8, 2020

From Pond’s brand new TVC that highlights the power of touch to Amazon’s inspiring Christmas spot about hope and determination and Birla White’s Diwali ad that reminds us how one small decision can spread happiness, Ritwika Gupta reviews the commercials she liked this week.

1. Pond’s

Pond’s has released a new ad film titled ‘Bhoolna Naamumkin’ for its Cold Cream. Conceptualised by Ogilvy Mumbai, the campaign showcases the relationship of a granddaughter and her ageing grandfather who has lost his memory. The girl (played by Tripti Dimri) visits her grandfather (whom she fondly calls Dadu), who is not able to recognise anybody due to his old age. She tries her best to revive his memory by showing him photographs and other things but to no avail. The granddaughter then finds an old photograph where her Dadu is seen pulling her cheeks as a young kid. This inspires her to rely on the power of touch, hoping that it would bring back his memory. The film ends with an optimistic outlook when Dadu recognises the girl after touching her cheeks and going “Googly Woogly Wooksh”. I love the ad because it beautifully shows an endearing relationship between a granddaughter and grandfather – something that’s rarely explored in commercials. I love the innocence and warmth. It also demonstrates how strong and healing a touch can be. The campaign revives the brand’s ‘Googly Woogly Wooksh’ positioning and adds meaning to it in order to keep it relevant for today. It not only revives Dadu’s memories but also brings back our old and warm memories of the popular ‘Googly Woogly Wooksh’ days. For a category that is known for cliché beauty ingredient driven advertising, this 1-minute-55-second commercial shows the beauty of the product though a touching story. Moreover, the ad is wonderfully filmed and enacted with a heartwarming background score. The is one’s worth appreciating.

Campaign: Bhoolna Naamumkin
Agency: Ogilvy India

2. Amazon

This year, Amazon tells us an inspiring story of a determined young ballerina who inadvertently brings her community together amid the pandemic challenges. Set to an arrangement of Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’, the film features a ballet dancer, as she prepares for the role of a lifetime, for an upcoming stage performance. However, due to the pandemic, she is forced to train from home. She doesn’t let this hold her back and continues to practise her routine – dancing wherever and whenever she can. Soon, she is heartbroken to find out that her show stands cancelled due to Covid-19. Seeing her upset, her younger sister and the community around her pull together to give her a stage and an audience in an emotional finale. This is such a feel-good advertisement that celebrates hope, determination and optimism. 2020 has been a difficult year and the ad shows the strength and support of friends and family to make a dream come true. The ad subtly integrates the brand when we see her neighbours and friends ordering lights and equipment for her stage show. It’s a heartwarming and inspiring ad that manages to strike the right tone with consumers who have been through a difficult year.

Campaign: The show must go on
Agency: Lucky Generals

3. Birla White

This Diwali, getting newly painted homes might not be a top priority for most homeowners. The ongoing Covid-19 situation has impacted the lives of many and people are very careful before splurging during the festive season. This has specially affected the daily-wage earners in India, such as painters, who depend on a day-to-day basis to sustain their livelihood. Birla White has launched an ad campaign that tells us how one small decision can spread happiness and help others during the festive season. In this case, Birla White is urging people to come out in support of the painter community and people who depend on homeowners in the economic cycle. It is a thought-provoking ad that tugs at the heartstrings. The brand does a good job in connecting with its painter community at an emotional level, keeping the current scenario in mind. It also definitely gives homeowners a reason to paint their homes this Diwali too, just like all the previous years.

Campaign: #DeewaronKiSuno
Agency: AutumnGrey