Creative Picks | 11 May 2020 | Ad Films | Himalaya Pure Hands, Dabur Amla & Aviation Gin

Ritwika Gupta, May 9, 2020

Ritwika Gupta reviews ads by The Himalaya Drug Company, Dabur Amla Hair Oil and Aviation Gin.

This week, we have an ad by The Himalaya Drug Company which introduces their latest product, ‘Himalaya Pure Hands’ and talks about #ThePurestGreeting – Namaste. We are also taking a look at a Mother’s Day commercial by Dabur Amla Hair Oil, which features the beautiful bond between a mother and daughter. And finally, we have a spot by Aviation Gin that plays on the nostalgia of all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) memories we make, post a night out of drinking. Ritwika Gupta gives you a lowdown on these three ads she loved in the week gone by:

Ads of the week:

1. Himalaya Pure Hands

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, governments and countries all around the world have been sharing various precautions that need to be taken to avoid the spread of the virus. Many have insisted that India’s traditional greeting ‘Namaste’ (folding hands) should be preferred to the handshake since it prevents the passing of germs from person to person. Taking this idea forward in their latest communication, The Himalaya Drug Company created a film that talks about what they call #ThePurestGreeting – Namaste. The brand is launching its latest product, ‘Himalaya Pure Hands’ in this ad. Made in collaboration with 82.5 Communications, the minute-long spot features people of different backgrounds, within and possibly out of India, folding their hands and presenting India’s greeting to the world. In short, the film is an ode to Namaste, with a reminder for everyone to ‘keep distance but stay social’. I think the ad is soulful and refreshing. It also works for the brand. At the end of the day, the film is designed to promote Himalaya’s hand wash and hand sanitizer. This stands out because it does not look like one of those typical shot-at-home adverts although it has been produced remotely. It also looks different from the other hand wash commercials which we have seen in the recent past. The best part is that consumers might now start to associate ‘Himalaya Pure Hands’ with ‘Namaste’. What I also like about the ad is that there is a certain mood which is consistent throughout the film. Even when it shifts from one person to another, you do not feel the jump or the fact that these are shot remotely. Props to the team for the seamless execution. Overall, I think the idea of making an ad, revolving around the beauty of Namaste, is meaningful and will leave a lasting impression.

Campaign: #ThePurestGreeting
Agency: 82.5 Communications

2. Dabur Amla

Dabur Amla Hair Oil has created a new ad for Mother’s Day which features the beautiful bond between a mother and daughter. It opens with the daughter telling the viewers that she is spending a lot of time with her mother after so long. This lockdown period has allowed her to strengthen their bond. Dabur, as a brand, has always stood for strong bonds (be it hair or relationships). And since hair oiling has always been an integral part of the Indian mother-daughter relationship, the thought ‘Apne Jadon ke saath Rishta Banao’ adds a fantastic spin to the age-old ritual of ‘champi’. It is good to see an ad maintaining a positive outlook during the lockdown. The spot urges viewers to spend quality time with their loved ones. I particularly loved the integration of ‘champi’ in the mother-daughter montage. It is not only significant for the product but also establishes an emotional connect with the viewers. The ad will also resonate with many women, who are currently living with their parents, especially their mothers. The script is compelling and beautifully voiced.  Overall, it is a simple and endearing film.

Campaign: Dabur Amla Champi Moments
Agency: Ogilvy India-North

 3. Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds has voiced a new advert for his Aviation Gin brand, that warns people to “stop drinking and shopping” online. No prizes for guessing that this one, too, is a hilarious and tongue-in-cheek film, just like all their previous ads. It opens with Reynolds reminiscing the simple pleasures of going out and having a cocktail at a bar. The ad, very smartly, insists that you can create these memories at home if you buy Aviation Gin. The film comprises footage shot remotely and before the pandemic. For instance, the bar scene was actually shot for an unreleased spot with a different premise. As it stands, the advertisement is a fun nudge for people to buy Aviation Gin during this lockdown period. The ad also funnily ends with a warning, “for the love of the postal service, stop drinking and shopping.” I am sure the last line would have cut a little too close to home, for some of us. The ad basically plays on the nostalgia of all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) memories that we make, post a night out of drinking. The bike love-handle tattoo and those blow-up dolls really cracked me up! To top it all, there is this ironic, soothing music playing in the background which makes the ad quirky and absolutely hilarious. Overall, the commercial has a great script, voiced impeccably by Reynolds. It also promises that 30% of all proceeds from sales of the gin will go towards bartenders who have been left without work. In my opinion, the team totally nailed this ad.

Campaign: Memories
Agency: Maximum Effort