Creative Picks | 22 June 2020 | Titan Watches, Procter & Gamble and Hedvig

Ritwika Gupta, June 23, 2020

Ritwika Gupta reviews ads by Titan Watches, P&G and Hedvig.

From Titan Watches’ adorable Father’s Day film to P&G’s impactful ad honoring Pride Month and Hedvig’s quirky campaign, encouraging people to take an unsentimental approach to their things, here are the ads that caught Ritwika Gupta’s attention this week.

Brand: Titan Watches

Among all the Father’s Day commercials which released last week, the ad by Titan Watches caught my eyes. The film, told from a child’s point of view, opens with a kid searching for her father. We do not see the child in the film till the very end. We just hear the child’s voice as she explains how much her father loves her. In an unpredictable twist, the film finally reveals that the story was being told from a pet dog’s perspective. I did not see that coming at all and my heart just melted the moment I saw the pet. It is adorable and what a fresh take on fatherhood! If you love pets and if you have a pet, you will understand the sentiment. So, kudos to the brand for widening the meaning of Father’s Day. The ad also cleverly meets the challenge of shooting during lockdown with just a single actor, without compromising social distancing. I even noticed that the pet dog here is an Indie dog and not an imported breed. This tiny detail made so much difference and won my heart! Overall, it is such a feel-good and quirky ad that also carries a meaningful message about fatherhood. It is indeed an emotion not limited by biology or blood. The ad ends with the words: “It’s ‘TIME’ we celebrate all fathers”, beautifully telling us what Titan stands for.

Campaign: ‘Mere Papa’
Agency: Ogilvy Bangalore

Brand: Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble has come up with a new 60-second ad, honoring Pride Month. Titled “The Pause”, the film focuses on the hesitation that members of the LGBTQ community feel when meeting someone new or when having to introduce their partner to someone else. The fear of being judged or rejected are some of emotions voiced in the commercial. Created in association with Grey New York, the film sends out a heartfelt message urging viewers to notice, reflect and consider how their reactions can make a difference in many lives. The ad is understated, comes across as authentic and moves you to a great extent. It shines a light on a crucial yet often overlooked experience LGBTQ community members face every day. The video ends with the hashtag #LeadWithLove and the message: “When love surrounds, there is no pause.” It is thought-provoking and impactful. The ad also directs viewers to to learn how the company is supporting LGBTQ communities. This ad comes after a series of films from P&G aimed at racial injustice in the wake of the protests across the United States.

Campaign: The Pause
Agency: Grey New York

Brand: Hedvig

Swedish home insurance brand, Hedvig has released a series of 15 to 20-second commercials that encourage people to take an unsentimental approach to their things and instead embrace the intangibles in life, like a great vacation or a night at the beach. The spots show various items like a lost suitcase or a burnt dress, with a voice-over reminding viewers that, “it’s just stuff.” Most insurance companies are usually empathetic to lost or destroyed items. In this case, Hedvig has taken a counter-intuitive strategy to tell people something different (or opposite) from what it offers. It is an unusual approach but this is the reason why the ad stands out. There is no product promotion but you still remember the brand. It sort of reminded me of Zomato’s tweet recommending ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’ where the brand got a lot of attention for adopting reverse psychology. Similarly, Hedvig has also taken a quirky approach to make a point. And in the world of insurance, this is clutter-breaking.

There was a risk that the ads could have appeared insensitive to people’s beloved belongings but fortunately, the ads are cleverly written. The films also show scenarios which anyone can relate to. You get what the brand is trying to say. I also like that each ad has a very simple, minimalistic setup and a straightforward messaging. With everything that’s going on in the world right now, concerns about material possessions are probably pointless. Hedvig manages to capture that sentiment in the campaign.

Campaign: It’s Just Stuff
Agency: Bacon CPH