Creative Picks | 22 July 2020 | Apple, Bumble, Audible

Ritwika Gupta, July 22, 2020

Ritwika Gupta reviews ads by Apple, Bumble and Audible.

From Apple’s simple and sweet ad to announce that it commits to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030 to Bumble celebrating the importance of love, hope and resilience during these trying times and Audible in UK tapping into people’s desire to simply get out and explore the world after months of social distancing, here are the ads that caught Ritwika Gupta’s attention this week.

Brand: Apple

Earlier this week, Apple had announced that it commits to be 100% carbon neutral for its supply chain and products by 2030. Along with the announcement, Apple released a 97-second ad which shows a newborn baby, sleeping peacefully on a bed. A whispering voice-over introduces us to baby Edan. The voice promises Edan that everything Apple makes, including how it makes and how consumers use it, will be carbon neutral by his 10th birthday. Baby Edan gets woken up by the voice, smiles and goes back to sleep. With this ad, Apple wants people to know that they have taken a stand to go carbon neutral. However, instead of overwhelming viewers with hardcore plans and too much information, it chooses to communicate through a very simple and sweet ad. Most people still think that climate change is something too far in the future to care about. It is therefore challenging for marketers to even get people to listen and trust what the brand is saying. In this case, the use of a soft and gentle voice, speaking to a baby, works. Apple is obviously the parent here and baby Edan represents the rest of the world. The voice is reassuring, soothing and just like how a newborn baby will connect to a lullaby, viewers will also appreciate the message. The spot does not even feature a single Apple product, keeping the communication as focused as possible. This commercial comes right after the brand delivered one of the most hilarious ads about working from home last week. Overall, I think viewers will like the film because it clearly emphasizes that Apple is making its decisions with future generations in mind.

Campaign: A Climate Change Promise From Apple

Brand: Bumble

Bumble has released a new ad called ‘Love Will Find A Way’ that celebrates the importance of love, hope and resilience during these trying times. The dating app recently conducted a study in India which shows that virtual connections are becoming an integral part of the new normal in dating. I am not surprised because the digital world has really helped all of us to lead life as close to normal as possible. We now have e-meetings, virtual calls with family members, online workshops and in some cases, even digital weddings!  So, why should dating be left behind? Conceptualised by DDB Mudra and 22feet Tribal Worldwide, Bumble’s ad is basically an exploration of virtual dating. For those who are not aware, Bumble also has a video chat and calling feature within its app. The commercial shows couples interacting, talking about their day, cooking virtually and basically, just getting to know each other. The spot is beautifully scripted with mainly montage shots of different couples, video-calling each other. It is heartwarming to see this kind of romance in the air. The ad wants to tell single people out there that they should not hesitate to date and fall in love, despite the restrictions.  I also loved that the ad not only showed a guy-girl dating story but also two men in a romantic relationship. Overall, the spot shares a positive message that love will always find a way, even in the most challenging times.

Campaign: Love Will Find A Way
Agency: DDB Mudra and 22feet Tribal Worldwide

Brand: Audible UK

Audible UK has come up with a new 30-second ad that taps into people’s desire to simply get out and explore the world after months of social distancing. It starts off by mimicking the welcome and safety message that airlines announce before taking off. It talks about taking people to other worlds such as Hogwarts, Gilead, Mars etc. It is a beautiful ad with vintage style visuals. For a moment, I got confused – is this an ad for a travel company or an audiobook? But this is why the ad is brilliant. While the spot is based on the idea of how books and stories have the ability to transport you to different places and times, it also totally plays on the context of people wanting to be free to travel again.  I do not think there can be a better time than today for the message to resonate with audiences so strongly. The ad film was developed from mostly repurposed video. I think it is innovative, refreshing and puts a smile on your face.

Campaign: Fly Audible
Agency: Fold7