Creative Picks | 21 Feb | Super Bowl Ads | Coinbase, Uber Eats & Amazon Alexa

Ritwika Gupta, February 21, 2022

Ritwika Gupta reviews ads by Coinbase, Uber Eats & Amazon Alexa.

The big game got over last week and amid celebrities, movie trailers and extravagant plots, three of these Super Bowl ads caught Ritwika Gupta’s interest. While a risky but clever stunt by Coinbase made the app popular overnight, a quirky spot by Uber Eats delivered the strongest product message. Finally, after getting consumers to reimagine a world before Alexa and a world where Alexa lost her voice, Amazon got viewers to envision a world in which Alexa can read minds.  Watch the full review here –

Top 3 Super Bowl Ads of 2022

1. Brand: Coinbase
Agency: Accenture Interactive
Campaign: “We’re All Going to Make It”

2. Uber Eats
Agency: Special Group U.S.
Campaign: Uber Don’t Eats

3. Amazon
Agency: Lucky Generals
Campaign: Mind Reader