Creative Picks | 19 July | Apple, Tanishq, Samsung

Ritwika Gupta, July 19, 2021

This week, Ritwika Gupta reviews ads by Apple, Tanishq and Samsung.

While Apple shows how users can take good selfies even in the dark, Tanishq urges everyone to celebrate the the tiny moments in life and Samsung’s new ad aims to bring friends and family together for the Olympics. Here are the ads that Ritwika Gupta enjoyed this week:

Ads of the week:

1. Apple

Last week, we reviewed Apple’s ‘Haystack’ ad which highlighted how easy it is to find an iPhone even if it gets lost in pile of hay. This week, Apple has come up with an ad focusing on yet another benefit of the iPhone.  In the 30-second commercial, Apple shows how users can take good selfies even in the dark thanks to night mode. The spot focuses on night mode selfies, showing a man excitedly taking photos of himself in various low lighting situations.  What I like most about this ad is how simply it demonstrates the ability to take some pretty stellar selfies in the dark. From behind the curtain to under the bed, in a dimly-lit restaurant or a large cardboard box, the ad humorously shows the perfect places and opportunities to test those selfies with night mode portraits on iPhone. The ad takes a pretty basic idea of “perfect selfies in the dark” and expresses it in such a compelling and refreshing manner. Set to “In The Dark” by YG, this one’s funny, entertaining and functional.

Campaign: In The Dark

2. Tanishq

Tanishq’s new ad ‘Little Big Moments’ highlights how happiness comes not only from the big celebrations, but also from the small joys of life. The 60-second film showcases a daughter doing her mother’s make-up, although untidily, after which the father smirks and asks his wife to check her face. The wife then asks her husband to look at the joy on their daughter’s face instead. The ad is simply heartwarming and is an ode to the special moments that should be celebrated every day. It is a reminder to cherish the tiny moments with family and friends, which often go unnoticed. The message comes across beautifully that happiness doesn’t only come from elaborate celebrations or grand gestures, but is often hidden in the smallest of moments. The spot carries a simple yet meaningful thought.

Campaign: Little Big Moments
Agency: Lowe Lintas

3. Samsung

Samsung has released a new ad which shows how the smartphone brand can help consumers and Olympics fans “be there” at the games no matter where they are in the world. This year, the event will be held without spectators. The ad shows people around the world being transported to Olympics event, thanks to the Samsung Phone. The ad also features Sky Brown, a thirteen-year-old skateboarder from UK who will be one of the inaugural skateboarding athletes to participate in the Games. On the whole, the ad illustrates how Samsung technology has come to play a role in bringing friends and family together for the Olympics. The film’s a visual delight and captures the spirit of the Olympic games. The message about “uniting the world” will largely resonate with viewers. The ad is inspiring and optimistic.

Campaign: Be There
Agency: The Community