Creative Picks | 18 October 2020 | McDonald’s UK, Asian Paints, Myntra

Ritwika Gupta, October 18, 2020

This week, Ritwika Gupta reviews ads by McDonald's UK, Asian Paints and Myntra.

From McDonald’s UK recreating the first car feeling to Asian Paints and Myntra unveiling their distinctive festive campaigns, here are the ads that caught Ritwika Gupta’s attention this week.

1. Brand: McDonald’s UK

McDonald’s UK has launched a new advert that reminds customers that you do not need to spend a bomb in order to get or give a little moment of joy. The 60-second advert, opens with a young boy who receives his first car from his mother on his birthday. The car however is not quite the car of his dreams. The mother gifts him the keys to her old car. As he drives the second-hand car, some friends spot him and laugh at him. However, soon the feeling that comes with the freedom of your first car, along with a little bit of spare change and a trip to the Drive-Thru to get some fries, helps to lift his spirits. He then happily drives off, accompanied by some 90s music from his mum’s CD (Westlife’s ‘Flying Without Wings’) while giving a proud nod to his mates. He confidently drives back home to his mum, with a heartfelt thank you, along with some McNuggets. The ad is simple, unpretentious and is filled with a heartwarming honesty which captures your attention. I loved that the young boy remembers to say a small but big hearted thank you to his mum, in the end. In a challenging year like this, tiny acts of kindness or treats have increased sentimental value. The ad wants to say that at McDonald’s, you do not need to spend much to buy something that means a lot. It is the thought that counts. Last month, McDonald’s UK took consumers on a trip to the ‘90s with vintage footage set to the ‘90s hit, “I Want You Back,” by boy band NSYNC. The new ad continues to tap into the desire for comfort and nostalgia while recreating that first car feeling and reinforcing the message that sometimes, a little means a lot.

Campaign: The Gift
Agency: Leo Burnett

2. Brand: Asian Paints

Asian Paints has a launched a Pujo campaign that conveys the celebration of love and merrymaking revolving around the homecoming of Maa Durga. Due to the pandemic, people are unsure how to enjoy Pujo this year. The 3-minute film opens with a little girl ruing the fact that she will not get to enjoy the customary pandal hopping and other Pujo delights. Her mother and other family members take it upon themselves to transform their home into a vibrant Pujo pandal, complete with carnival games, snacks and of course, Goddess Durga. It is a beautiful ad which will put a big smile on your face. From spray paints to hand sanitisers, the ad also smartly shows the family using different Asian Paints products in every part of their home during the festive makeover and Pujo celebrations. A special mention to the wonderful soundtrack which goes perfectly and enhances the entire festive vibe of the film. The best part about the commercial is that it manages to capture the distinct Bengali emotions and sentiments attached to Pujo. I felt like I was also a part of the celebration after watching the ad. The new normal is perhaps going to bring about a new kind of celebration this year. But through this ad, Asian Paints establishes how colours can bring Pujo home. Even though unconventional, it will still resonate with Bengali viewers. The ad is creative, full of positivity and excellently executed.

Campaign: Sharad Shamman ‘Dugga Elo Ghawrey’
Agency: Ogilvy

3. Brand: Myntra

Last year, ‘House of Pataudi’ brought Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan together for a heartwarming Durga Puja campaign. While Soha was seen pandal hopping in Kolkata, Saif was celebrating Durga Puja in London, wearing a Pataudi kurta that he has received from Soha as a gift. They talk to each other in Bengali through a video call and praise each other for their looks. This year, Myntra has released the season’s first festive campaign featuring the Pataudi siblings. The Durga Pujo special ad recreates the present scenario where countless families will be celebrating the festival through video calls. It opens with Saif, who is on a video call with Soha, cooking the quintessential Bengali Bhoger Khichdi. Though satisfied with his meal, he cannot shake off the feeling of missing a key ingredient. The brother-sister duo debate over what it could be, before Saif reveals it by opening the Myntra app on his phone. Soha soon receives and then unwraps a Myntra box to get pleasantly surprised by a beautiful ‘House of Pataudi’ Anarkali. The film ends with the siblings sharing a light-hearted moment. It is a sweet ad that encourages viewers to try something new this Durga Puja. While social celebrations and gatherings may be rare, people would still want to look their best during the festive occasion. Therefore, the ad will strike an emotional chord with viewers and encourage people to shop from the brand’s range of ethnic wear. Overall, the ad is charming and will connect with people across the country.

Campaign: Festive Moments By Myntra