Creative Picks | 15 June 2020 | Axis Bank, Saregama Carvaan, TATA Starbucks

Ritwika Gupta, June 15, 2020

Ritwika Gupta reviews campaigns by Axis Bank, Saregama Carvaan and TATA Starbucks.

This week on Creative Picks, Ritwika Gupta reviews Axis bank’s new ad that encourages compassion, a nostalgic spot by Saregama Carvaan and a marketing activation by TATA Starbucks that allows fans to reminisce their moments spent at the cafe with their new backdrops.

1. Axis bank

Axis Bank has rolled out a film which urges India to support small businesses. Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, the film shows how tea stalls owners, paan shops, florists and other small vendors have kept a khata (an account) with its customers where the latter have often paid them at a later date for their services. Now, a lot of them are out of business because of the lockdowns. Axis Bank states that it is time for customers to return the favour and pay them in advance for their services. I think it is a beautiful insight which shows how we as consumers could help small/local businesses during these trying times. The ad is made up of photographs and is wonderfully scripted and voiced. I believe that now is the time to show compassion and positivity. The ad, does, just that.  The hashtag #ReverseTheKhata also stays with you. Instead of us owing money to them, we can now reverse the action and help them. It carries a simple yet powerful message.

Campaign: #ReverseTheKhata
Agency: Lowe Lintas

2. Saregama Carvaan

Saregama has launched a new animated ad with which takes us back to our summer holidays when our parents would buy us video games to get rid of our boredom. However, tables have turned now. During the lockdown, while we remain busy working from home, our parents (especially those who are retired) are the ones getting bored. The ad urges us to now return the favour by getting a Saregama Carvaan for them during their ‘summer vacation’. Towards the end, the ad announces that deliveries for the Carvaan have resumed. Conceptualised by The Womb, I think it is a beautifully illustrated ad and the classic song, “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hain” by Lata Mangeshkar playing in the background, definitely makes you sentimental. While the ad is sweet, I am not sure if I agree with the way the brand has equated the lockdown to the summer vacation. Because it is clearly not. It is a tough time  for most people. However, in this case, I understand that Saregama wants to position its Carvaan as a companion for the elderly during the pandemic. Given the limited resources, I also like how the brand chose to go with an illustrated ad instead of a typical shot-at-home film or a spot with only photographs. The animation certainly caught my attention! There is also a definite call-to-action. The ad makes it clear what it wants you to do – order a carvaan for your parents. Overall, the film wonderfully captures Saregama’s voice and identity like all their previous ads.

Campaign: “Ghar Le Aayein”
Agency: The Womb

3. TATA Starbucks

With ‘work from home’ and video calls becoming the new normal, TATA Starbucks has launched seven backdrops to brighten up virtual meetings. Yes, the brand has created backdrops that replicate the in-store ambience of the store interiors. I think this is quite creative!! Starbuck fans can download the free backdrops and reminisce their moments spent at the store within the comfort of their homes. Most people visit Starbucks, not just to sip on hot coffee, but also because there is a certain warmth and cosiness in the ambience. Be it the smell of the coffee or the cosy couches and cushion, Starbucks is known for its unique third-place experience that makes you return to the café time and again. While the couches and cushions might not be possible, the backdrops can at least make you feel like you are somewhere there. These can be used for conference calls with colleagues, hanging out with friends, and even coffee dates with your loved ones. I think it is a great effort on the brand’s part to replicate the offline experience online. It will help the brand stay connected with customers through these unprecedented times. Good stuff, Starbucks!