Bourbon’s New Ad Is An Ode To Friendship

Ritwika Gupta, November 24, 2017

Conceptualised by McCann India, the ad is influenced by the overdone concept of “BFF”.

In a nutshell, the new ad for Bourbon, launched by Britannia, captures the idea of friendship and the good, crazy times we have with our friends. Titled “#BourbonFriendsForever”, the ad opens with a guy munching on a packet full of Bourbon biscuits while trying to communicate with his friends. Of course, none of his friends understand what he is saying and this leads to a funny game of charades. His friends make some absurd and hilarious guesses only to figure out that the last packet of Bourbon biscuits is over!

There is nothing incredibly new about the concept. The idea of using “friendship” to connect to people, has been attempted by many in the past. In fact, in the biscuits category, Parle Marie’s “Apna Circle” TVC also depicted a group of college buddies bonding over cookies.

Despite that, the ad catches your attention. I like how the camaraderie between the friends is captured in a light-hearted and simple manner. The set up looks real and does not feel forced. The acting is natural and because of which, the story works. The concept of friendship connects to people easily and perhaps this is a reason why the brand chose to stick to a relatable topic. We chitchat with our friends, laugh with each other, joke around them and all that, while munching on Bourbon biscuits. The ad clearly drives home the message that Bourbon biscuits is a key element that fuels bonds and moments like this. Although the ad depicts a group of youngsters bonding over cookies, it appeals to people of all age brackets. In order to stay fresh and relevant to the generations coming in, the ad ties the classic, chocolate-filled cookie treat to today’s idea of “BFF”. Well, Bourbon certainly bags a place in my friend circle!