Asian Paints’ New Campaign #HomesNotShowrooms Is A Warm Tale About Your Home

Ushnota Paul, January 18, 2018

This beautiful commercial talks about creating a ‘home’ as opposed to a ‘house’…

The commercial shows a loving grandpa and his little grandson. He enthusiastically measures his grandson’s height with a measuring tape against the wall. But just when he is about to put a mark on the wall his son asks him not to. His son worries that the paint on the wall might get ruined. The same happens when the grandpa tries to hang his grandson’s painting on the wall or when he idly swings on his armchair near the wall. You can see the grandpa is disappointed and apologetic because how can it be a home without savouring these small moments in a family, right?

It’s only when the son stumbles onto some old black and white photos from childhood that he realises how his father had always given him a comfortable and loving ‘home’ when he was a kid. The grandfather is seen measuring his grandson’s height again, but this time the father willingly hands the marker to his father asking him to put a mark on the wall. “Lagta hai tera papa bade ho gaye hai,” he smiles and tells his grandson. It ends with Asian Paints’ usual corporate stand, and the popular, ‘Har Ghar Kucch Kehta Hai’ voiceover.

The commercial at three-minutes is a little long but manages to capture the relationship between a grandfather, father and grandson of a family really well. A home is where family bonds are created and cherished and that provides immense comfort and liberation from worrying about the house. The commercial shows exactly that – the real meaning of a ‘home’ as opposed to a dream ‘house’ through these little instances.

The campaign shows that the product doesn’t only give your house a beautiful external look, feel or tone, but also reflects the emotion of the very people who live in that home. Ogilvy Mumbai has successfully created another heartwarming advertisement that pushes the product message across without trying too hard.